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Bullion Ownership & Storage

Bullion Ownership & Storage

Protect your bullion with Guildhall’s allocated storage program

The Guildhall Depository enables investors to protect their assets by providing 100 percent physical gold and silver bullion ownership, which is secured, insured and stored outside the banking system.

Peace of Mind Storage for Your Bullion

The Guildhall Depository offers unique custodial storage for your bullion in private non-bank storage facilities around the world renowned for their integrity, security and efficiency. The major benefit of the Guildhall Depository is peace of mind; with a Guildhall custodial account you are assured of the most comprehensive form of allocated, segregated and insured storage (minimums apply). The Guildhall Custodial Agreement provides our clients with the security of knowing that they have titled ownership, full insurance, no third-party liability and ease of liquidity. Bullion can be sold within minutes by providing proper authorization to a Guildhall representative, whether from the comfort of your home or on the go.

Simply contact your Guildhall representative, choose your product and complete the transaction.
As a Guildhall client, you will receive special offers and loyalty pricing. Talk to a Guildhall representative today about your purchase options.