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Precious Metals Purchase Options

Precious Metals – Silver & Gold Bullion

Whether you would like to own bullion outright with physical product, finance it or store it in a safe, secure and segregated storage facility, the experts at Guildhall will be able to assist you with your needs.

Precious metals have their place in a savvy investor’s portfolio. The fundamentals for gold and silver have never been as bullish as they are today.

The four fundamentals are:

  • Government debt and Central Bank monetary policies leading to increased money supply;
  • Inflation potential based on the increasing money supply;
  • Geo-politics and political unrest throughout the world;
  • Physical gold and silver supply is diminishing and demand is increasing, plus movement of gold and silver from the west to the east.

Three Bullion Purchase and Storage Options

with Guildhall Wealth Management

1. Safe and Secure Depository Storage

The Guildhall Depository provides safe, secure storage on an allocated, segregated and insured basis. With depositories in Toronto, Canada, Delaware, USA, and Singapore, Guildhall Wealth Management accommodates both local and international clients with ease. Store your bullion with titled ownership and no third-party risk in a private and non-bank storage facility that is renowned for its integrity, security and efficiency.

2. Collateral Financing

Guildhall has partnered with Precious Metals International since 2002 to offer clients a way to take advantage of the bullion bull market. Purchase your bullion with a 20 per cent down payment and finance up to 80 per cent. This strategy helps client’s take advantage of “Other People’s Money”.

3. Direct Delivery

Purchase bullion direct from Guildhall and store it yourself. Guildhall sells bullion directly to the public at competitive pricing.

Simply contact your Guildhall representative, choose your product and complete the transaction.

As a Guildhall client, you will receive special offers and loyalty pricing. Talk to a Guildhall representative today about your purchase options.